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Hi! I’m Jason Aranda, the author and founder of inuiITion Consulting Group (ICG).

I write (and occasionally consult) about technology with a specific focus on Healthcare Information Technology strategy and business. I am based in Los Angeles, CA and am fully supported by my work at InuiTion.

I am a Registered Nurse who has worked in Healthcare IT for over 12 years in a variety of vendor, hospital and clinic settings. Most recently, I serve as the Director of Enterprise Applications working in the capacity of an ex-pat for a prestigious international organization (London based) with the responsibility to manage and lead the rollout of all Administrative and Clinical initiatives transforming a greenfield project from conception to inception.  I am a versatile Professional with line responsibility for the oversight of the entire lifecycle of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) implementation with a focus on managing operation and technical workgroups, developing system analyses, and guiding the development of system requirements.

I attended undergrad and received an MBA from Mount St. Mary’s University in Los Angeles.  My MBA focus is on Organizational Leadership and currently in pursuit of my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.


I offer qualitative strategic consulting, and have experience advising at the CEO level for multiple >$1 billion companies, both in the enterprise and EHR implementation space. My ideal role is as an advisor on high level company initiatives, strength-weakness-opportunities-threats analysis, and competitive analysis.

My standard deliverable is a written report and oral presentation. I do not offer quantitative analysis or deeply involved deliverables.

I prefer a standard hourly rate, but also offer a project rate charge and a daily rate for work that involves travel.

Please contact me to learn more.


I am available to offer consulting services to Healthcare Startups looking to break into a very challenging Healthcare industry  and assist you maneuver through the harsh reality that often in healthcare your end user may not always be your buyer.  I have very favorable arrangements for Healthcare Startups

I offer a NO upfront cost to Healthcare Startups depending where you are in your funding stage, although tailored consulting needs can be negotiated.

Please contact me to learn more.


My goal is to be a truly independent analyst, a commitment that is about more than just not having an employer. To wit:

  • I am not paid by any company for any opinion I post on InuiTion or in any public forum, including podcasts and Twitter
  • I do not hold individual stocks in any company I write about. I do hold various 401k and IRA accounts that invest in a wide-ranging basket of stocks, over which I have no control
  • I pay for all of my own travel and expenses when I attend company events

In addition, if I write about a company I have previously spoken at or consulted for, I will disclose that the next time I write about them. Moreover, I only engage in a very small number of consulting engagements a year.

I take my personal integrity and the integrity of this site very seriously. While I will (and have) made mistakes, I will always strive to correct them quickly and publicly, and take active steps to ensure I don’t make similar mistakes in the future. On the flip side, I do not tolerate accusations of speaking or writing at the behest of any company (this is the primary reason I — very rarely — block people on Twitter).

If you have any concerns or questions about this ethics policy please contact me.


To contact me, please email directly. Please understand only members are guaranteed a response. If your request is urgent, please feel free to send a follow-up email. You can follow me on Twitter.