inuITion Analytics





inuITion Analytics:

As the complexity of patient care coninue to rise, the ease, breath and speed of access to accurate and timely information becomes evermore critical.  Successful implementation of the inuITion Analytics Model will help ensure organizations have access to the information the technology that has been implemented promises to deliver.  Therefore the key business objective of inuITion Analytics include:

  • ICG is cognizant of the struggles organizations have at obtaining data from their electronic medical record (EMR) and/or electronic health record (EHR) and ICG strives on building upon the success of an EMR/EHR implementation by bringing to fruition the expected benefits acccessible and actionable dynamic analytics can provide to an organization
  • Supporting an organization’s mission of providing an exceptional patient experience through the creation of a unique and technologically advance care delivery tool
  • Furthering the healthcare network’s ability to proactively address and comply with the dynamic demands of standards organizations and regulatory agencies