Medical Transcription

  inuITion BPO:

 “Opportunities in times of Crisis”

Control your cost and realize Higher Income.

Outsource your Medical Transcription with NO Transition cost, NO Stress and NO Obligation.

It’s as simple as calling our toll-free number and dictating over the phone (or via Digital Voice Recorder). In less than 8-24 hours you receive the report back. We also offer a file management system where both voice file and written report can be viewed 24/7 from any computer. We guarantee our work or you don’t pay.

We are inuITion Consulting Group an off-shore; Business Process Outsource (BPO) Company specializing in Medical Transcription. We are based in Glendale, California and the Philippines.

“High Value at Low Cost”


1. LOWEST COST – A low $0.07 net per line. Up to 20%-40% savings.

2. SECURITYHIPAA compliant web-based TASP (Transcription Application Service Provider).

3. SIMPLE AND EASY – transfer via a secured email address or via our web-based system.

4. QUALITY – A 3-layer Quality Control process with a final analysis by our in-house M.D.

5. QUICK DELIVERY – 8-24 hour turn around time

6. ACCESSIBLE – A U.S. based Customer Support Team.

We Offer a Free Trial. Your first week or 1000 lines is on us.

For immediate testing dial toll-free (866) 721-1020. We have assigned you a temporary User code 492397 and a PIN 3693. After entering your code simply press 1 and begin recording (please provide promo code “ICG” at the beginning of your recording). Take advantage of our free trial offer to determine our quick delivery and accuracy.   

For any queries simply email at or call our Corporate Headquarters, at (818) 584-2782. You can also visit our website at